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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)?

"Prior Learning Assessment is a term used to describe learning gained outside a traditional academic environment. Put another way, it’s learning and knowledge your students acquire while living their lives: working, participating in employer training programs, serving in the military, studying independently, volunteering or doing community service, and studying open source courseware.


In short, PLA is the evaluation and assessment of an individual’s life learning for [adult high school diploma credit,] college credit, certification, or advanced standing toward further education or training." Source:

Credits earned from other educative programs may be transferred into a Lisbon Adult & Community Education Diploma upon receipt and evaluation of transcripts or certificates including but not limited to:

  • Secondary school,
  • Business school,
  • Trade school, or
  • Other educational program approved locally.

No person will be awarded a high school diploma unless he or she has earned a minimum of 1 credit through participation in a classroom or External Credit Option [ECO] learning experience offered by Lisbon Adult & Community Education.

Students may be allowed to test out in a maximum of 4 required and/or elective courses in which they feel competent. Pre-testing and preparation work to complete a high school equivalency test battery may apply to this option; however, the high school equivalency credential itself is not eligible for credit.

A maximum of 10 credits may be awarded from the following out-of-school experience with locally developed criteria:

  • Correspondence School [2 credit maximum]
  • Maine State Apprenticeship Council approved program [TBD]
  • Military Duty-2 years Service: honorable [1 credit maximum]
  • Military Duty-6 years National Guard/Reserve: honorable [1 credit maximum]
  • Employment-3 consecutive years: one occupation [1 credit maximum]
  • Employment-5 consecutive years: one or two occupations [2 credits maximum]
  • Employment-Military service in excess of above [as above]
  • Employment-Homemaking/Independent Living Skills [1 credit/5yr]
  • Volunteer Service [1 credit/45hr]
  • Independent Study [project completion] 
  • Internship [1 credit/45hr]

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