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Frequently Asked Questions

What testing accommodations are available for people with disabilities?

There is an exclusive list of items that we can provide to assist students in their test-taking that does not require an 'accomodations approval' from the State Equivalency Administrator. These items are:

Large Print Test Booklets (without extra time)

Magnifying Glass (or similar aid)

Unmarked Straightedge (for following lines)

Transparent Overlays (clear or colored) *colored overlays are typically helpful for people identified with a type of dyslexia called skotopic sensitivity

Post-it Notes (to mark your place)

If you feel you need accomodations in order to complete the equivalency test battery you are encouraged to contact the office to begin the process of applying for such accomodations. The accomodations below are typically associated with the listed disability; however, according to the documentation submitted, additional accomodations may be approved.

Dyslexia: extended time, audiocassette test administration

Dysgraphia: extended time, scribe (assistance with actual writing on the test)

Dyscalculia: extended time, calculator use

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD): extended time, frequent breaks, private room for test-taking*

Physical/Chronic Health Disabilities: extended time, private room*, audiocassette, scribe, large print, frequent breaks, one test per day*

*Testing at Lisbon Adult & Community Education typically affords students the ease of testing in small groups, customized sessions and, at times, testing in private rooms due to low enrollment. Please contact the office with any questions you may have about accomodations.

The Adult Education Director does not have the authority to approve or deny requests for accommodations. Proposals for accommodations is a process that is approved at the state level.

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