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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

In order to get your transcript released to you or forwarded to another party you must first print or obtain a copy of the transcript release form and sign it. This gives us your permission to share information about you with other schools and organizations. It is illegal for us to do this without your signature. If you need to request that transcripts from other schools be sent to us, this form can give us permission to obtain those directly from the school, as well. Please be aware that if you want transcripts sent to us or released to others you must provide us with:

a.) the name of the school or organization,

b.) the contact person or department to whose attention it must go

c.) the telephone and fax numbers, and

d.) the address of the school or organization.

Requests will not be completed without this information as Lisbon Adult & Community Education does not take the responsibility for researching this.

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