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Frequently Asked Questions

How do HIGH SCHOOL students register to take a course on Odyssey Ware?

If you are a student of Lisbon High School or another area high school you must:

1.) See your guidance counselor FIRST. Your guidance counselor will determine which courses you need to recover and complete the Referral for Recovery and Supplemental Coursework form. This needs to be signed by:

     a.) The student

     b.) The parent/guardian

     c.) A guidance counselor, and

     d.) A principal or assistant/vice principal responsible for approving recovery work.

2.) Make an appointment with the Director of Adult and Community Education for an intake meeting and orientation on the online courseware.

3.) Establish a schedule that works for you and your family to complete the required work in the timeframe upon which you and your guidance counselor have agreed. 

It is the student's responsbility to manage their time and their coursework in order to reach their course and graduation goals. The online courseware must be accessed at the Lisbon Adult & Community Education computer lab between Monday and Thursday from 11:00AM to 9:00PM. 

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