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Frequently Asked Questions

What are LACE's High School Equivalency Testing Procedures?

The following procedures are necessary in order for this testing facility to be in compliance with HiSET policy. If at any time you have any questions or concerns about these policies please go to the Adult Education Office and speak with the staff. We wish you success as you complete your examinations.

1.) Please do not bring anything with you when you come to take you HiSET tests except your picture identification card. Coats and other belongings must be placed in the designated place in the classroom. When you have completed testing you may pick up your personal items.

2.) If during or after testing we find any personal items at your seat or on your person we will collect your test materials and your test will not be scored. You will then be required to leave the testing center. You may not reschedule to test for 2 months.

3.) Do not bring electronic devices of any kind into the testing room. This includes cell phones, pagers, iPods, CD players or any other electronic device. If electronic devices are found in the testing area they will be confiscated and will not be returned. Security provisions require this.

4.) Students taking HiSET examinations may not bring food or drinks of any kind into the testing center. This includes water.

5.) You may leave the testing room only after you complete a test and we collect your testing materials. If you have an emergency and must leave the testing room we will collect all of your test materials and end this tesing session. The work you completed will not be counted. You will be allowed to start testing when the next testing session begins and you will receive a different form of the test.

6.) Follow the examiners directions at all times.

7.) When testing has started do not speak to the other examinees

8.) If an examinee disrupts testing or disturbs other examinees his or her test materials will be collected. The work completed prior to disruption will not be counted. The examinee will then be required to leave the testing center. The examinee may not reschedule to test for 2 months.

9.) In the event of an emergency at the testing site which requires evacuation of the building, carefully follow the direction of the examiner.

10.) You will be permitted to take each HiSET test up to 3 times per year. If after a third attempt you have not passed a test you will be required to wait until the beginning of the next calendar year to retest.

11.) You may not retest until you have taken all tests one time.

12.) The Chief Examiner has the final authority to make decisions as to eligibility to take final HiSET tests.

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