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High School Equivalency Testing

HiSET™ testing is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You may make your appointment for either 5:30 PM or 7:00 PM. If you are planning to take a final writing test, the only appointment available will be the 5:30 PM slot due to the required length of the test. If you are in your pre-testing phase and wish to transfer to the Lisbon testing center, you must make arrangments to complete an intake process with the director and advisor. If you are completing your final tests and wish to transfer to the Lisbon testing center, you must know your ETS ID#. This is the 8-digit identification number that features three letters and five numbers that you were assigned when you registered on the ETS website. If you do not know this number, you must contact your prior testing center and obtain this information. Please contact us at 353-3037 or visit us at 19 Gartley Street Lisbon, Maine if you have any questions about the HiSET™ examination process.

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State of Maine Department of Education Press Release September 16, 2013

The HiSET™ Exam Information Specific to Maine

"The HiSET will replace the GED as Maine’s High School Equivalency Assessment.  All of the local adult education programs currently administering the GED will begin administering the paper version of the HiSET starting January 2, 2014.  The paper-based version of the assessment will continue throughout 2014 with programs transitioning to HiSET’s computer-based version as they are able.

The HiSET consists of the following five subtests: Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics.  All of the tests are multiple choice with the exception of the essay portion of the Language Arts Writing Test.  A passing score on each subject test is a scaled score of 8 out of 20, but learners must achieve a total scaled score of 45 to successfully achieve their high school equivalency diploma.  Learners that achieve a scaled score of 15 or higher on each subject test are designated as College and Career Ready.     

Because HiSET’s subject tests are the same as the current version of the GED, Maine will be able to apply the passing scores of GED subject tests to the HiSET.  This means that unlike much of the country, Maine learners will not fall off the “GED testing cliff” at the end of the year.  They may have started by taking the GED in 2013, but they can finish by taking the remaining subject tests with the HiSET in 2014.

As has always been the case in Maine, there is NO COST for Maine residents to prepare for and take the HiSET.  Local adult education programs provide HiSET testing, preparation materials, pre-tests, and instruction- all at no cost to the learner."   


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