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Nineteen Gartley Street • Lisbon, Maine 04250 • (207) 375.6605


In 1981, it became clear to Lisbon that its adults needed something in their community in order to give them access to their next steps. Former middle school principal, John Weldon, began the first adult education course as a part-time director with only 5 participants. Held in Lisbon High School, Lisbon's first adult education courses helped its students complete adult diplomas and earn jobs. Upon his retirement, John Wenckus, assumed the part-time director position and maintained his full-time position as computer teacher for Lisbon High School. As the LACE student body grew, they needed more focused attention and in 1988 Lisbon hired its first full-time director, Robert Hack, and established an office in the high school hiring their first full-time secretary, Sylvia Crafts. While in the high school, LACE saw directors Diann Bailey, Robin Monahan, Susan Ramsay, Alene Staley, and Sara Flowers all while the State of Maine grew in its Adult Education repertoire offering courses in enrichment, workforce development, basic education for adults with delays, adult high school diploma, GED™ testing, basic literacy and numeracy instruction, and Maine College Transitions programming. Adult education first partnered with the University of Maine-Augusta in 1989 to offer college courses via the ITV system then revised that relationship in 2010 when LACE became a delayed viewing and test proctoring site as online and hybrid courses have become more popular. That same year, LACE moved to the 19 Gartley Street building--formerly the Lisbon Elementary School--where we share this repurposed building with the district Central Office. In 2012, LACE said goodbye to Sylvia Crafts as she retired from her position of 24 years as Administrative Secretary and said hello to Sandra Campbell. LACE and all of Maine Adult Education saw big changes in 2014 when the GED™ was discontinued and we began our relationship with HiSET™. Lisbon Adult & Community Education is proud to be a thriving member of this community and this school department for over 30 years. Call us or visit us to learn more about what we offer to Lisbon's adult learners!   



Sara Flowers (2008**-Present)

Alene Staley (1998-2008)

Susan Ramsay (1995-1998)


Robin Monahan (1995)

Diann Bailey (1989-1995)


Robert Hack (1988*-1989)


John Wenckus (1983-1987)


John Weldon (1981-1983)

*LACE established an office in Lisbon High School in 1988

**LACE moved to its own location at 19 Gartley Street in 2010


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Nineteen Gartley Street • Lisbon, Maine 04250 • (207) 375.6605